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Aug 21, 2018

worried man reading his emails

This morning I received a seedy underhanded attempt to deceive in my email. It is a supposed domain renewal notification and includes links to a Website for making a 'secure online payment'. It is of course a scam.

The email itself looks quite official, it has scary looking underlined expiration notices and a warning that failure to 'renew' will make it difficult for customers to find you on the Web....

May 30, 2017

a padlock indicating security

Do you know if your email account is sending spam?

I am amazed at just how often I find that my email spam filter has caught junk emails sent from the accounts of people I know. I’m pretty sure that my friends aren’t interested in selling me dodgy pyramid schemes, Pharmaceutical Supplies or discount subscriptions to Lola’s savoury services Website. Plus the content of the emails are often badly phrased and regularly contain little more than a suspicious looking link. All of which makes it very clear that the messages themselves really are spam.

So why have they come from known email accounts?

May 20, 2016

3d WWW lettering with a cartoon man sitting on them

Continuing on from my article Copywriting For A Small Business Website, I thought it might be an idea to look at some of the content typically found on a business website. More specifically; what content must be included what can be left out etc...

Apr 5, 2016

Web page code

Are you looking for somebody to take over the upkeep and maintenance of your Website? Do you want to add new content regularly? Keep your templates, plugins and modules up to date? Maintain a portfolio or image gallery?

Keeping a website maintained and up to date can be a real pain when you're trying to focus on the other essential parts of running a business...

Feb 13, 2016

A document with a paperclip attached

There are many reasons why a number of people might need to share a document. Perhaps staff regularly send out a ‘boilerplate’ letter, email or application form and it is important that they use the same up to date version. Everybody needs to have the correct one so it makes sense to email the file to all concerned right? Emailing it ensures that each recipient has their own ‘official’ copy and it could also be suggested that users save it to their desktops so it can easily be found when needed.

The problem is that by emailing everybody in the loop, lots of copies of the same thing have been created for each user to do with as they please. When there are multiple copies of the same file out ‘in the wild’ it can lead to all sorts of errors and inconsistencies being introduced. For example...

Jan 25, 2016

fingers typing on keyboard

There are many essential elements to a successful website. The design, layout, textures, navigation, colours and images all play a part. But the most important contributors to success are the actual words on the pages. There are very few examples of websites which don’t rely on words to convey meaning and make the site useful. To some, particularly those regularly working with documents, finding appropriate text to fill their website pages is intuitive and straightforward but for others it is less obvious and can be a struggle. For instance: How do you describe your business? How many words should there be? How will the different bits be organised?

Oct 19, 2015

Smiley thumbs up face

It's always good to receive feedback; especially so if it's an appreciative comment for a job well done and I am always very happy when somebody recommends my service or makes the effort to leave a review or testimonial online. Besides bolstering my ego, it provides important information for prospective customers wondering if their money will be well spent and whether they will receive an efficient and professional service.

Jun 11, 2014

outline sketch of plan for website structure

It is now universally accepted that a professional business should have an effective presence on the World Wide Web. But what that presence entails and how expensive it is to set up and maintain depends on a number of factors. Running a business can be time-consuming enough without the extra hassle of learning the ins and outs of Web technology (and its associated jargon) and that is why TDL Web Developments has always offered an all in one solution to help local businesses maintain an effective Internet presence...