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Aug 21, 2018

worried man reading his emails

This morning I received a seedy underhanded attempt to deceive in my email. It is a supposed domain renewal notification and includes links to a Website for making a 'secure online payment'. It is of course a scam.

The email itself looks quite official, it has scary looking underlined expiration notices and a warning that failure to 'renew' will make it difficult for customers to find you on the Web....

Nov 14, 2017

Elements to learn about SEO signpost

I recently received a call from somebody who asked about learning SEO. Apparently the office junior had been tasked with sorting it out and he was wondering where she should go to learn it; as if there was a page of instructions she could read and immediately become an expert. I got the distinct impression he thought it was something which could be all done and dusted before the end of the week. By which time the company Website would be at the top of Google...

Oct 30, 2017

work colleagues looking rather delighted with themselves.

I've been using the Google Mail application for years and find the many useful features, such as labels and message rules, excellent for both work and play. The free 15GB of storage makes it far superior to many of the alternatives too.

It might be obvious to many, but did you know that you can use the Google Mail app not just for a gmail.com email address but also for handling all of your other emails too? If, like me, you have several different email addresses for business and personal use then you will probably find that keeping everything within the one application saves time and confusion by making it simple to handle multiple email accounts.

If you have a Google account you will already have a GMail email address which will give you access to the GMail app (and all other Google services). So it just remains to sign in and start importing those other email addresses...

Sep 13, 2017

A lonely lady working on a laptop

Being self-employed is incredibly liberating, but the reality of working full time as a home based freelancer comes with some challenges.

A genuine drawback of working at home is that at times it can feel a bit lonely. It is easy to find oneself feeling quite isolated and apart from the outside world. There is no office banter, nobody to share a problem with and nobody to discuss that Netflix box set you’ve become addicted to. Ok, there will be telephone conversations with clients and prospective customers and even sales people enthusing about water coolers or PET testing services. But you won’t have Suzi at the next desk telling you how much prosecco she drank at the weekend, or Adrian complaining about the cost of car insurance. Will you miss the irritating office bore? Actually, you just might. I know I did...


May 30, 2017

a padlock indicating security

Do you know if your email account is sending spam?

I am amazed at just how often I find that my email spam filter has caught junk emails sent from the accounts of people I know. I’m pretty sure that my friends aren’t interested in selling me dodgy pyramid schemes, Pharmaceutical Supplies or discount subscriptions to Lola’s savoury services Website. Plus the content of the emails are often badly phrased and regularly contain little more than a suspicious looking link. All of which makes it very clear that the messages themselves really are spam.

So why have they come from known email accounts?

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