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Jan 18, 2016

That Friday Feeling

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Being self employed is incredibly liberating, but the reality of working as a home based freelancer comes with some challenges.

A friend of mine once commented that he didn’t think he would enjoy working for himself because he would no longer have the elation of that Friday feeling. Which led me to thinking about what that Friday feeling actually is? Is it the exhilaration of having a full weekend off to spend with family and friends? Or is it simply a relief that the drudgery of another working week is over? In most cases it’s probably a combination of the two. But I think my friend’s opinion is at best a little short sighted. Being self employed doesn’t mean that I can no longer enjoy a weekend with my family and friends, but being overjoyed at some respite from the working week doesn’t always feature too highly for me either.

In fact, I often get up early on a Saturday so that I can steal an hour or two to accomplish something in the morning before continuing the weekend. However, I don’t see it as a chore or overtime, but rather enjoy the freedom and flexibility that working from home allows me the ability to do this. So I don’t worry about the absence of that Friday feeling whatsoever. Why should I feel elated at completing another working week when I no longer have that dread of returning to work on a Monday morning? One thing is for sure: I certainly don’t miss that sinking feeling on Sunday evening when the realisation dawns that another work week is about to start early the next day.

Home based freelancing isn’t for everyone. But does that Friday feeling really make it worthwhile sticking with the drudgery of a nine to five?


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