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Mar 4, 2017

DIY Website Promotion - How To Promote A Website For Free Without Any Special Knowledge Or Skills

Reap what you sow

Imagine you have paid good money to have a website designed but nobody knows it is there. It’s a common scenario. No matter how well designed or enthralling the content, unless some basic steps have been carried out to promote a website and ensure it can be found in search engines it might as well not exist.

You might immediately think that there is a price to pay and you will need to hire a professional to make your website more visible, but this needn’t be the case. If you have the time and the inclination there is no reason why you can’t carry out some very useful and effective website promotion yourself.

I’m not going to call these methods “SEO” because reputable white hat Search Engine Optimisation involves a lot of things, including careful study of competitor rankings and keyword analysis and will usually involve making changes to the Website’s structure and content. However, the basic techniques described here will be included in an overall SEO plan and, provided your Website has been set up correctly, will definitely help it to move higher in the search engine results pages.

Today I will focus on some of the things that can be accomplished without any technical knowledge and without any special skills or access to the Website architecture.

Google My Business And Bing Places

One of the easiest things any business owner can do to become more visible is to grab a free local business listing on Google and Bing. For details of exactly how to do it, see my article on Marketing A Local Business Online For Free.

Submit to ‘Reputable’ Business Directories

After requesting your local business listings the next step is to submit your details to some of the better online business directories. This can be a bit repetitive and you will need to verify your details for each directory by clicking on a link which is sent by email, but it is well worth doing. Remember to be consistent: If you have more than one phone number or contact email address for the business you should use the same ones for all of your submissions.

Some UK business directories worth submitting to include:

Other Directories

The above is obviously not an exhaustive list and there are others. You can find other directories to submit your URL to by searching, for example; “business directory [your area]” or “business directory [your speciality]”. Some of the local or specialist directories can be very worthwhile submitting to.

But beware of low budget ‘spammy’ type directories. Since the Google Penguin update of 2012, having too many links from these type of sites could actually have a negative effect. An inferior directory can usually be spotted by its content. If you see dodgy looking listings advertising dubious products and services on the homepage then it’s not worth bothering with.

And that pretty much covers website promotion you can carry out yourself without any special knowledge or skills. It can take a while to complete everything, but if you’re a new business then you might find yourself with some extra time for self-promotion and view this type of work as an essential part of getting established. Which of course, it is!

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